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House boat and work barge base kits - HDPE plastic floats, AL frames


condition: new
delivery available
make / manufacturer: Tiny Pontoon Boats
model name / number: House boat & work barge bases sells large work barge and house boat base systems for customers looking to build large scale house boats and work barges. Our work barge and house boat base kits use our practically indestructible, massive 37" wide plastic floats (individually sealed, HDPE plastic shell, closed-cell urethane foam filling - COMPLETELY UNSINKABLE) and BEEFY 6000 series extruded aluminum frames that easily bolt together (no welding required).

Our kits are offered in 12', 16', and 18' wide options in lengths up to 20'. That means that you can connect two of our modules together to make single boats up to 40' long. We want to make is clear that THESE KITS ARE BIG. That's why our page for our house boat and work barge base kits is BIGASSPONTOONBOATS.COM. These are NOT build in your backyard size kits. These are industrial size kits that will require equipment to move the assembled pieces and complete the assembly. These barge assemblies have MASSIVE capacities as well, and this is why we are using our 37" wide floats. Of all the floats that we offer, the 37" wide floats provide the highest flotation density per square foot (footprint). For instance, our 16'x20' blunt float barge module has a capacity of 18,605 pounds (rated at half submersion). That means that two of them bolted together gives you a capacity of over 37,200 pounds! That's a HUGE number and the type of thing that house boat dreams are made of!

Our easy-to assemble frame design uses two custom made extrusions that make for a strong, yet relatively light weight frame that requires no welding. Integral to the design, our Main Beam extrusion is made specifically to fit the mounting channels on our 37" wide floats, and holds everything together. This custom 6000 series aluminum frame member (patent pending) has two slots that accept standard 3/8" square nuts, allowing our custom made flange tube cross members (BEEFY 4"x2", 1/4" wall rectangular tube with two bolt flanges on the bottom) to bolt in place anywhere you need them. Our frame kits include all the aluminum frame structure components that are easy to bolt together, but you do have to drill the holes for mounting the floats themselves due to slight variations of the molded plastic parts.

Why run a bolt-together kit? If you've ever tried to ship a fully assembled boat, you know that it costs a fortune (and is usually damaged)! Our kits arrive as two or three shipments (depending on what you purhcase). The floats will arrive on one or more trucks and ship direct from the plastics factory we partner with in AR, and the frame kit will ship from us in NH. The shipment from us will include all your frame members and stainless hardware. Also, YES, our hardware kits will have spare nuts, bolts, and washers. We all know how annoying it is when you buy a kit and lose a couple pieces. We don't want anyone to be stuck on a project like this.

Are these whole boats ready to register? No, they are not! When you purchase a kit from us, you are purchasing floats and frame components, not a whole boat with a Hull Identification Number. If using your new boat on public waterways, you will have to register the boat as home-built, and we can guide you through this process. Also, our frames do not come with engine mounting brackets, but our modules can be configured for mounting existing or custom built transoms.

Below we have pricing for the 12' and 16' wide kits that we offer kits for. If you would like pricing for an 18' wide kit, please contact us for a quote. If you have questions about any of our barge kits, please call, text, or email us any time. We're excited about this product line and would love to chat with you about your next barge based adventure!

-$19,600 with 3 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 6,336 pounds*)
-$27,600 with 5 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 11,114 pounds*)

-18,800 with 3 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 5,298 pounds*)
-$26,700 with 5 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 9,325 pounds*)

-$23,500 with 3 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 8,474 pounds*)
-$32,800 with 5 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 14,867 pounds*)

-$22,800 with 3 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 7,152 pounds*)
-$31,900 with 5 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 13,076 pounds*)

-$28,700 with 3 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 10,612 pounds*)
-$40,800 with 5 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 18,605 pounds*)

-$27,900 with 3 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 9,590 pounds*)
-$38,900 with 5 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 16,792 pounds*)

-$14,100 with 2 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 4,017 pounds*)

-$13,700 with 2 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 3,418 pounds*)

-$17,600 with 2 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 5,568 pounds*)

-$17,200 with 2 rows of floats (assembled capacity of 4,830 pounds*)




Q: How does shipping work? How quickly do the kits ship?

A: Our work barge kits typically take 8-12 weeks for all parts to ship out. These kits take a lot of planning and the parts are ALL built to order. Floats ship from our partnering factory in Arkansas and will arrive on one or more trucks (domestic orders). Floats for barge kits typically ship 3-4 weeks after the order is placed. Frames ship from New Hampshire and will ship out on another truck (domestic orders). If you're based in New England, local pickup of the frame system at our location in Concord, NH is available, as is local delivery with our own company truck. If you're near north east Arkansas, local pick up of the floats is also available, but do bear in mind that these floats are HUGE and you'll require a tractor trailer to be able to fit enough for most barge modules. For international customers, floats will ship via intermodal shipping container via cargo ship, as will the frame kits (floats and frame kits WILL ship separately as it's more economical). We can ship anywhere in the world, but if you're able to pick up your kit at a local sea port, it will be much less expensive than direct delivery when shipping internationally.

For reference, the three modes of transportation that we use when shipping the floats or frames for this kit are either a 53' tractor trailer (outside length of trailer box), standard 20' intermodal shipping container, or standard 40' high-cube intermodal shipping container. Below we have diagrams showing how many of the 37" wide floats for these kits fit into the two sizes of shipping container. A 20' shipping container will hold up to 20 of our 37" wide floats (not tall enough to stack them), a 40' high-cube shipping container can hold up to 52 floats, and a 53' tractor trailer will hold up to 72 of the floats.

All international freight is shipped FOB, meaning that the freight charge that you pay us is only to get the freight on the boat and to the dock. Your local port WILL have additional fees on top of our freight charge, and you WILL be responsible for your local importation taxes and fees on top of those costs. We simply don't have a way to calculate or collect these fees ahead of delivery, so we strongly recommend contacting your local sea port's freight dock for an estimate of the fees before finalizing your order. Also, many countries require working with an importation broker to file customs documents. We do not include this service and you will be responsible for making arrangements with a local brokerage before we can ship your order.

Q: Are custom sizes available?

A: We are only able to offer custom size barges outside the sizes listed on this page if you are purchasing multiple units. When we have the aluminum made and the machine work done, we have to purchase all the materials in batches of 2000 pounds or more. That means that if you want a single barge for which EITHER of our two proprietary aluminum frame extrusions (main beams and cross members) total less than 2000 pounds of material, we have to decline the order. The material is so expensive that if we were to offer a boat such as a single 10' wide boat that was 12' long with two rows of floats, us accepting the order would be a net loss for our company, and that's just bad business. On the other hand, if you needed 4 or more of that size barge system, we could make it work as the main beams would total just over 2000 pounds. At this time, we are only offering the sizes on this page and 18' wide boats (per special request) for this very reason.

Concerning the size constraints of our frame system, we are able to go as wide as 18' for the cross members, and up to 20'4' in length for the main beams. If building barge systems larger than that, you will have to couple two or more of our barge modules with your own supplied structure. We can provide verbal instruction on how to do this, but we will not be posting instructions on how to couple the modules due to liability concerns. If you would like to discuss how to connect the modules, you MUST call us. Visit our "Contact Us" page for multiple means of calling us (phone or WhatsApp).

Q: Are frame kits available separately for alternate purposes?

A: We will not sell our frame kits separately from the floats. The frames are VERY expensive to make and selling the floats at the same time allows us to offer the kits as a whole at a reasonable price.

Q: What is the warranty on these kits?

A: Our floats have a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This period starts the day that the floats leave the factory. This is a 365 day period and the warranty covers the cost of freight for customers in the contiguous US (Alaska and Hawaii are not included), but not the cost of installation. The frame system has a 2-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty starts the day that the frame kit is shipped and is a 730 day period. The frame kit warranty covers the cost of freight for customers in the contiguous US (Alaska and Hawaii are not included), but not the cost of installation. For non-US customers, replacement parts themselves are covered under warranty, but the cost of freight is not included. If you receive a product and find a defect, please contact us as soon as possible and we will replace the part or parts after clear pictures of the defect or defects are received. Crash damage, misuse, and abuse are not covered under warranty.

Q: How is payment accepted?

A: We understand that these kits are a solid chunk of change and we understand that you're putting a lot of faith in us when placing an order for one of these kits. As these kits are high-value units, we do not accept credit cards for payment (fees would kill us and the fear of a charge-back is too real) and payment has to be in the form of a bank-to-bank wire transfer, ACH transfer, or certified bank check. If your only way to pay for an order is with a credit card, we must decline the order. As we have to pay for all the materials up front and then do a pile of work on this end, payment is due in full before an order is put into our queue. Our company is steadfast on the policy of having zero debts with our vendors and no open accounts with our customers. This allows us to stay focused on the important tasks of filling orders and developing product.

Q: How do returns and cancellations work?

A: Simply put, they do not work. We DO NOT accept returns and we WILL NOT cancel an order. All of our kits are custom built and are not product that has been sitting in a warehouse. This allows us to operate lean and be as competitive with our pricing as possible. We work hard to get orders out the door as soon as possible and provide the best service that we can, so that means that when you commit to a purchase, we have committed to fill the order. Once an order is placed, the money you hand to us goes into materials and labor, and we don't get that back, even if you change your mind. We repeat, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS AND WE WILL NOT CANCEL ORDERS.

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